I decided to read this book after watching Eve Bennett's video of what she read in June (link below). The title really intrigued me so I decided to look into it and see if it was a book that might interest me. I read the blurb and it sounded like a really interesting book, although I don't often read classics.
I did at times find it a little confusing as George used 'newspeak' which is a language used in the world it it set in, but these words were often explained to help the reader follow the story. However, I do think this was useful as the book often referred the new language, and I think George using some words in his book helped us to see and understand what the Language was better.
I don't think you particularly get to know and love the characters in the book very well, which is something that I really enjoy in a book. Also there's not any lengthy descriptions, which I know not everyone likes, is something I really enjoy, as it helps me to really imagine what is happening.
As parts were complicated, I do think that it's the kind of book that needs to be read more than once to fully understand and appreciate it. I would recommend this book as it is a good read, but I found that it wasn't the kind of book that you can curl up in bed and relax with.


I didn't really like the ending, I feel like it was a quite confusing last chapter and I think it could have ended better. However, overall I really enjoyed the book, it's not the kind of book I would usually read, but it has made me want to read more classics and explore literature more.
I am left with questions about the book, such as what happened to the shopkeeper Mr Charrington, we get a hint that he is the thought police, but we never really know, and the same with O'Brien.
I also didn't like the essay in the middle of the book, I found that it ruined the flow of the book, and I just skipped past it after realising that it could be left. I don't think that it particularly added anything to the book, however, some people may enjoy this section, as it adds some insight into the brotherhood.

Eve's video: https://youtu.be/8TBK2MYtn5k