Louise Pentland's debut novel tells a story of Robin Wilde, single mother and assistant make-up artist. You follow a year of Robin's life, where she encounters many difficulties that will be all to familiar for some readers of this engaging novel. Robin struggles with fitting in with other school mums and feels 'the emptiness' that many will also feel. All Robin needs is some courage and creativity, but does she have what it takes?

I loved this book, I was really hoping that Robin would succeed and find happiness whilst I was reading the book, not wanting to put it down so I could find out sooner. I feel like it is a very relatable book for some, either because they are a single parent, or that they struggle to fit in with other parents at school, which for some will be as much of a struggle as it is for Robin. I loved Louise's writing style as she tells the heartwarming story of Robin and her struggles, it was an easy read and would be perfect to sit relaxing in the sun with. I really liked the happiness Robin gained from her family, showing that you don't need a man to cement your happiness, and showing that you should appreciate what you have. You could really sense Louise's personality coming through her novel, sensing her playful and serious sides as the tone of the book changed between chapters. You really get to know Robin and by the end of a book, you feel as though she is a friend whose just told you about her highs and lows of her year, with many of these being very relatable for so many readers.