* Synopsis – Price’s difficult and challenging upbringing has led him to become an alcoholic and filling the loneliness with one night stands. The novelists old flame comes back into his life and saves him, literally. Will their relationship success, or crumble once again.

My thoughts – This isn’t a book I would usually go for, but I did enjoy reading it, although it defiantly wasn’t my normal type of book. The book showed how much influence a woman can have on a man, when he opens up and shares his burdens, and how life changing love and romance can be and that every day is worth living, you never know what’s around the corner!
For many the book will be very relatable – loss of parents, suicidal thoughts, alcoholism and a struggling romance, although it may be a little triggering for some readers. It was also very real, nothing was perfect, and not everything was awful, it was the perfect balance of the two, which made it very lifelike. Which made it a refreshing read as so many books are about ‘the perfect life’ or the complete opposite!
There are quite a few twists in the plot, which are sort of predictable/inevitable for the characters, but it reflects what is for many, their life and supports the life likeness of the story. I liked that it kept me guessing what would happen next, not really knowing where the story would go.

Spoilers! I liked the character Iris and how she supports Price by being firm with him, knowing that she will be able to help him. I felt sorry for her at times, as she catches her fiancée cheating on her and then Price gets Iris’ fiancées sister pregnant, it can’t have been an easy situation to be in.