Synopsis – A family go out in search of a bear, but encounter many obstacles along the way, how will they tackle each obstacle, and what will happen when they meet the bear?
My thoughts- This is a well known well loved children’s book that is read to children across the world. I love that the illustrations change between colour and monochrome as it keeps children’s attention as the images change. The book is very repetitive which means that children can join in with the book after it has been read to them a couple of times. The language used is simple and repetitive, some confident readers may be able to recognise some words in the book.

Classroom ideas- One idea that could link PE to this book is to set up a bear hunt, using the plot of the book, for example, there could be a tunnel for a cave.
Children could draw a map of the place the book is set which would support early Geography skills.
Children could do a sequencing activity, where they are given pictures or short sentences to order and maybe draw a picture of or write a sentence of their own to show the sequence of the book.
Children could develop their own science for the book, such as going through a maze to add to the book, this could be done in small groups or individually depending on the pupils ages and stages of development.