Synopsis – When Jonathan (dad) reads a book to Emilia about wanting a cat, the dogs overhear and group together to create a plan to make her dreams come true. Will they succeed in bringing home a cat? Or will their cat-nap be a failure?

My thoughts – I quite liked this book, the illustrations were really sweet, and were quite close to the reality. I really liked the details – such as Jonathan’s tattoos on the illustrations of him. I love the little tributes to squid in the book – I love that the entire families involved. I think this book will be enjoyed by many, including both those who are fans and who aren’t fans of the SacconeJolys on YouTube.

I’d love to see an audiobook or them read it out on YouTube with Anna doing the dogs voices. I liked how you really saw their personalities in the book. I wish Eduardo and Alessia were a little mor involved in the story, it was very much focused on the dogs with a hint of the family in there. I’d love to see another book written by Jonathan, but maybe featuring the family a little more.

The story is quite simple and easy to follow – this makes it really accessible and easy for children to follow along. The illustrations will also support this. The language used is also quite simple.

Classroom ideas – I think this is a great book for reading for pleasure, it’s defiantly not designed with the classroom in mind. The children could do a drama activity, where they recreate some of the scenes in the book in small groups, creating props to help them.