Synopsis – This is a collection of poems that tell two perspectives of the same story. Each poem is about a different well-known fairytale such as Snow White.


My thoughts – I really enjoyed the poems in this collection. I really liked how they were written and that each poems tells the story from two perspectives. Each poem is about one fairytale told from both the good perspective and the evil perspective of the story. The words used are very child friendly and make the book very accessible for children, it could open up a world of poetry for children who are reluctant to read poetry, as it tells familiar stories.

Classroom ideas – Children could write their own poems in a similar style about another fairytale or a book you are currently reading in class. You could read the poem alongside the corresponding fairytale. You could look at the techniques used in poetry, such as alliteration. You could do role play/drama and the children could act out the poem from both perspectives.

Each poem is about a different fairytale, so each poem lends itself to a selection of activities linked to the poem.