Synopsis – A tale of how one persons action can affect the whole world in a childlike manner.

My thoughts – I had seen the film prior to reading the book, and I think the film is a really good adaptation of the book. The book has beautiful illustrations which will engage young readers. They support the book really well, and will support comprehension.

There is lots of rhyming used in the book, which gives it a really nice flow when reading. The language used is also fairly simple, making it accessible for readers of all ages.

Classroom ideas – You could use the book to discuss climate change and environmental issues, which children may not pick up from the book. You could compare it to other book that Dr Seuss wrote. You could do craft activities such as making truffala trees or making one of the characters from the book. You could do some drama, where the children could act out their favourite scene from the book. You could get a class plant which the class have to look after, which could support the teaching of plants in science.