Synopsis – When Paddington makes a list of his favourite things about living with the Brown’s he forgets the most important thing, the garden. With a space to create his own garden, and armed with marmalade, how will he design his own space?


My thoughts – I really enjoyed reading Paddington’s garden adventure. The language used was fairly simple, making it an accessible book for children of all ages. The plot was fairly simple, meaning that young children will understand what is happening and will be able to keep up with the flow.

The illustrations by R.W. Alley are really lovely, they suit the story really well, and add something to the book. Creating another level of imagination, and helping readers to stay engaged in the book.

Classroom ideas – You could use the book to begin a topic about plants or to start a MOE project. The children could be garden experts who have been commissioned to design a garden. The children could create miniature gardens and hold a garden competition, where guests come in to judge their entries.