Synopsis – The Jolly postman delivers to all the fairy-tale characters, which characters will he be delivering to today?

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My thoughts – The illustrations are very familiar, and remind me of classic fairy-tale books. The language used in the book makes it accessible for a large audience, as it is quite simple. The characters in the book will be very familiar as they are all fairy-tale characters, such as red riding hood and the three little pigs.

Classroom ideas – You could write a reply letter to one of the letters in the book. They could write a diary entry as one of the characters who receives a letter from the postman in the book. The class could write letters to famous people, such as the Queen, or Julia Donaldson, and send them to see if they  get a reply, as often they will send out a general reply to the children. The children could set up a street and use beebots to deliver letters to the different addresses. They could write a descriptive paragraph from a scene within the book, as the book doesn’t have much description.