Synopsis – Danny and the dinosaur have swung into the past. A volcano is about to erupt. Dinosaur comes up with a plan to poop out of the past.

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My thoughts – This is a book children will love! I really liked the illustrations, they capture exactly how you would imagine the characters are feelings on each page, and would help readers to understand what is happening. The language used is fairly simple, meaning that the book is accessible for a range of ages. There’s a lot of rhyming in the book, which gives it a nice flow and rhythm when reading.

Classroom ideas – You could link this book to a history project about any of the periods mentioned, including the Romans. You could also link it to Geography and look at Volcanoes and famous eruptions. As a class or on tables with support, the children could create their own dinosaur story following a similar story line to this book, or others that Tom and Dougie have wrote.