Synopsis – A short story of a parent wondering what their child will be when they grow up.

My thoughts – This was a really short book with pastel illustrations. They are all light, and calm illustrations of a parents imagination. There isn’t really much of a plot to the story, but it is a really cute story and something i can imagine all parents can relate to. I liked the writing style, and how it all fit together really well, and the language used is quite simple, making it accessible for all ability groups.

Classroom ideas – You could use this to ask children what they want to be when they grow up. You could also ask parents what they want their child to be when they grow up. You could invite guests in relating to jobs pupils might want to do when they grow up, which may inspire pupils and encourage them to find out more about their potential future jobs. You could set up role play and small world areas for pupils to explore different jobs in a risk-free environment.