* Goodreads synopsis – Ever since a tragic accident took the lives of her parents, grief-stricken and lonely Lorna Ashford has buried herself by destroying everything left behind — objects, memories, relationships, and even her faith. In the backdrop of 1940s Cleveland, Ohio, Lorna sets out to begin anew after her brother leaves to fight in World War II. Living in a new house, she takes up painting and strikes up an unlikely friendship with the eccentric widower next door. But something is off about neighbor Tristan Blake, who lives in a house stuck in the past — his wife’s blackened out eyes stare out of picture frames, and dead flowers linger in her vases. Lorna can’t figure him out, as Tristan is both closed off, yet offers to help her at every turn. As Lorna’s life seems to be coming together, another tragedy threatens to undo all that she has worked to rebuild. Tristan becomes her rock. But with Tristan’s mysterious past, will Lorna be able to paint a masterpiece of love to become Laura again, or will everything she’s worked to create with Tristan be nothing more than a messy splatter of paint on a canvas?

My thoughts – I found this book a little tricky to get into, I just didn’t connect with the characters, which made it difficult to want to read the book. I kept going, as the synopsis intrigued me, and I wanted to find out what happened. I think it needed a bit more character building at the start and something more dramatic at the start of the book.

Whilst reading I didn’t feel like it was a book set in the 40’s, I think there needed to be more references to what was happened get at the time, and we needed more about her brother for us to really feel something. That being said, I did feel for Lorna when her brother died, as she had already been through a lot.

I think many people will love this book, but it just wasn’t for me. Maybe it’s because of the characters, maybe it’s because of my personal situation?