I’ve been a reader for as long as I can remember. I’ve grown up surrounded by books. My parents read regularly, themselves and to me. My family bought me many books to support my passion and learning.

My first vivid memory of reading is my dad reading the Chronicles of Narnia to me as a child before I went to bed. I treasure memories of my dad reading to me, they are some oblurred-book-book-pages-literature-46274f the most vivid memories from my childhood.

I also have memories of my class teachers reading to me. A couple of books stand out in particular. I remember being in year 3/4 and my class teacher read funnybones to the class. I remember in year 5/6 being read Northern Lights and a poem called the Dragon who ate our school. These are the three reading experiences from primary school that stand out the most. I hope that as a teacher, I too, can provide moments like these for my future pupils and help them to develop a love of reading.

As I have grown up, my reading habits have changed, but one thing has remained the same. I love reading. And I love sharing that passion with others. I don’t think I would be the person I would be today, if I didn’t grow up with books or love reading. I have read hundreds of books in my life so far, and each one has had some sort of impact on my life, whether big or small. Each one has challenged or agreed with my thinking. Each one has made me more empathetic to others situations and helped me to understand others feelings better.

My grandma also helped to ignite my passion for reading. Every weekend we would go into town and do some shopping and then go to the local library and spend time together picking out a selection of books for the week ahead. She encouraged me to join the summer reading challenge, which I completed twice as a child.