Goodreads Synopsis – A Kind of Spark tells the story of 11-year-old Addie as she campaigns for a memorial in memory of the witch trials that took place in her Scottish hometown. Addie knows there’s more to the story of these ‘witches’, just like there is more to hers. Can Addie challenge how the people in her town see her, and her autism, and make her voice heard? A story about friendship, courage and self-belief.

My Thoughts – I loved this book, it’s currently my favourite book of this year so far. It’s an incredibly powerful and moving book that hooks you from the start making it a quick and easy read. It’s one of those few books that I will go around recommending to everyone and suggesting children read. It shares an insight into how autistic people feel in different situations and will hopefully help readers to be more considerate and supportive towards autistic people.

From the moment you start reading you develop empathy for Addie and her situation, throughout the book you are willing her to succeed and successfully campaign for the memorial. Regardless of the challenges that she faces throughout the book, she remained strong and really grew as a character throughout. The characters in the book feel very real and lifelike, they feel very familiar and I’m sure to many people they recognise themselves or someone they know in a character within the book.

A Kind of Spark is about acceptance of others and understanding the struggles that people are going through. It highlights that everyone is going through something, which I think everyone needs reminding of every now and then.