Netgalley Description – Lines are amazing – from thick to thin (and from thicker to thinner)! Just think of what you can make with them: triangles, squares, and circles. Houses, tigers, even ice cream cones! What else can you do with a line?

My Thoughts – I love the idea of this book, showing children the power and the endless opportunities from a simple line on a piece of paper. It reminds me of other titles I have been introduced to in the past with a similar premise.

This book would be great for young readers beginning to mark make and starting the explore the power of marks and lines on paper and what they can do with a pen. It has several simple shapes and colours within the book, which would be useful to develop vocabulary for young readers and to help with the recognition of this.

The illustrations suit the book and work really well. The language used is simple and each page only has a sentence or two on each page. This book is aimed at young readers in nursery and pre-school to support creativity and basic shape and colour recognition.