The BFG – Roald Dahl — October 26, 2017

The BFG – Roald Dahl


Synopsis – Who would believe that giants really exist, and that they eat human beings whilst they sleep at night, apart from one giant, the big friendly giant, who goes around giving people dreams. How will the big react when Sophie sees him giving out dreams one night, and how will they stop the other giants from eating humans?

My thoughts – I love all Roald Dahl books, there something really magical and special about Dahl’s writing that transports me back to my childhood. I read this book with my brother and he was laughing throughout the book at the words that Dahl has created. I loved the illustrations by Quentin Blake that are dotted throughout the book.

Classroom ideas – One idea is to create dream jars and ask children to write their dreams inside it. You could also look at the Queen and Buckingham palace, which could lead to a history unit on kings and queens. The class could come up with more made up words and their meanings like Dahl does in the book. There are a lot of similes used to describe the BFG, the children could come up with some more similes for the BFG or to describe the other giants or Sophie. The children could make dream catchers using paper plates and string. You could try making frogscottle from the book using a recipe online.