You can’t win them all Rainbow Fish – Marcus Pfister — August 15, 2017

You can’t win them all Rainbow Fish – Marcus Pfister

* Synopsis – Rainbow fish and his friends were playing a game of hide and seek when Rainbow fish was found. How will he cope with loosing? Will he learn a lesson?

My thoughts – A lovely book about winning and loosing to show how you should deal with losing in a game. I really liked the illustrations in this book, they were really bright and colourful and would attract the child’s attention and help them make sense of the story. The language used in the book is fairly simple, and very accessible if an adult is reading it it he children.

Classroom ideas – This is a great book to teach children about how they should react when/if they loose a game and how much it may mean to someone to win. This is an important lesson for children to learn, and using a book to reinforce this would help. You could have a sea/under water themed small world play area for children to reenact the story to embed its message further.