George’s Dragon goes to school – Claire Freedman — July 17, 2017

George’s Dragon goes to school – Claire Freedman

This is a lovely book about George who takes his dragon to school as part of a school event. George's dragon causes some trouble, but is there to save the day. This could be a really nice book for transitions, especially at the start of the year as reception pupils start school. The illustrations are bright and colourful and would help pupils to understand the book and follow the story. There are some words in the book that children may not understand, however, this would aid their vocabulary development. There are some words that are bigger than others in the book, this places an emphasis on these words and draws children's attention to these words.

You could use this book as a starting point to get to know the children, you could discuss their families and if they have any pets. This would help them to settle and to feel more comfortable with you. They could bring in pictures of their pets or they could bring a picture of a pet they wish they could have.
The book references the weekdays, which would reinforce this knowledge which is key in reception.
The book mentions a fire drill, you could do a fire practice, which is essential for safety.