Why do I love reading? — September 21, 2017

Why do I love reading?

I have spent so many hours reading throughout my life. I’ve read hundreds of books and then reread them! Whilst friends are out partying, I’m sat in bed with a good book, it’s just me. I don’t think I can pinpoint a moment when I really realised that I was such a book nerd!

My parents read to me as a child, in particular, I remember my dad reading the chronicles of Narnia to me as a child. I think maybe that’s when my love of reading really started. I can’t really remember reading much in primary school, but I do know that I used to read a lot.

As I’ve grown up my taste in books has changed and I’ve widened the genres that I read, and as I have, my love of reading has spiralled.

I love reading because it’s an escape, my life is fairly boring, but the lives of book characters is far from boring, I can live all of my dreams through books. Living in a small village with most of my friends living in the nearest town all of my life leaves me with lots of spare time, so I always turn to books.

But books are also educational, they’ve helped me to get where I am today, I’ve learnt lessons from books that I may never have learnt or may have learnt in the future. I’ve also used books to fuel other interests and support my aspiring career of being a teacher.

Why do you love reading?