Mythopedia – Good Wives and Warriers — September 14, 2020

Mythopedia – Good Wives and Warriers

Synopsis РThis book contains myths about mystical beasts from around the world. The book is split into different sections, with each section focusing on a different part of the world and common myths in that part of the world.


My thoughts –¬†I really enjoyed reading this book, I wasn’t aware of the vast range of myths from around the world that there are. It was interesting to read about myths that I had grown up with and had some knowledge of. I didn’t realise how each of the mythical beasts were created and about their lives.

I liked that each myth was short, it made it very engaging, and would be ideal for young readers or reluctant readers. The illustrations on each page were bright and colourful and will catch the attention of young readers. It will give them something to look at whilst someone is reading it to them. It will also help them to imagine where the creatures lived and how they all looked.

Some of the language used may be tricky for younger readers, but with some support and explanation this book could be adopted for most years groups in primary school.

Classroom ideas –¬†This book would be ideal if you were looking at different myths from around the world. The short summaries of each myth would be ideal for children to use as models to write their own myths.

You could also use each myth as a text for comprehension questions and to look at a range of language and to broaden children’s vocabulary.