Goodreads Synopsis – George and Harold are up to their usual tricks. Last time they hypnotised Principal Krupp into believing he was Captain Underpants. Now, by mistake, they bring to life the most disgusting, life-threatening monster — the terrible Turbo Toilet 2000. Can anyone save the school from the terrifying attack of the Talking Toilets? Watch out world, big briefs are back!

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My Thoughts – My brother really enjoyed this book, and was really engaged by the lpot and the characters. Personally, I don’t find them the most engaging of books. Whilst they do have amusing plots and characters, I just don’t find any of the characters relatable or all that interesting, and I realise I’m not the target audience for the series, but it’s always nice to read a children’s book with relatable or interesting characters.

Classroom Ideas – I’m not so sure you could make a unit of work from this book. I don’t think the series is the best for classroom use, other than promoting a love of reading.