Bookworm Stereotypes | Bookish Tag — September 20, 2018

Bookworm Stereotypes | Bookish Tag

Capture1.PNGIt’s been a while since I did a tag post, and whilst I didn’t get tagged for this post, I saw it on Reader Fox and a Box of Books¬†last month and I just had to do the tag aswell. I also want to credit the creator – A home for the lost¬†

Bookworms are super intelligent.

Now, I really don’t think this applies to me. I’m definitely not super intelligent. My friends say I am, but what they don’t see is the hours spent studying to get even similar grades to them. I definitely don’t fit this stereotype!


We all wear glasses.

Again, another way I don’t fit the stereotype. I don’t wear glasses or need them, as far as I’m aware! I’m one of few members of my family who doesn’t need glasses, so I’m sure in the future I will join the club!


We’re all shy/antisocial/introverted.

Well, here I definitely fit the stereotype. I have been shy all my life, and the older I get, the more I realise I’m also an introvert. I definitely love spending time on my own, but don’t get me wrong, I also love spending time with my friends, just not too much time! But it’s something I’m kind of working on (see my confidence journey posts).


We hoard books and have an ever-growing TBR.

Yes. Yes. Yes. I have boxes full of books under my bed. Have I read them? Yes. Will I read them again? Probably not. Will they look good on shelves in my own house (when I get one)? Yes. Does my TBR increase daily? YES!


We all dream of having home libraries with ladders.

I mean, maybe not with ladders. But I definitely would love a home library. I hope in the future I at least have somewhere to store my books, other than in boxes under my bed. I would love a library, I mean the way my collection is going, I’ll need a library to hold them all!


The book is always better.

Most of the time, yes. But not always. There are a few films that I prefer to the book, but most of the time, I prefer the books.


Loves the smell of new books.

Hmmm. Whilst it’s a fairly nice smell. I don’t go and smell my books. I’m just not all that fussed about the smell.


Never leaves home without a book.

I don’t take physical books out with me – my bag is heavy enough without adding books – but I do always take my phone, which has some e-books on it. So technically I never leave home without a book!


Has a love for classics.

I keep trying to read classics, but I always struggle to get into them. I just don’t get the hype about classics. Maybe I keep trying the wrong authors/books, but I just find the language too difficult to interpret for me to really get into the book. Make some suggestions in the comments about which classics I should try.


Has a vendetta against e-books.

I used to agree with this. But since blogging, I’ve changed my mind. I used to only ever read physical books, but since blogging, I’ve started to read more e-books. They are cheaper and far easier to store. I don’t often share books with friends and family – they don’t share my love of reading! So I don’t have that issue.


4/10 Maybe I’m not a stereotypical bookworm!

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